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Important changes are coming to the practice for those who request on-the-day appointments from us.

Due to the nature of General Practice and the increasing demand on our services, we have had to look at a new way of managing our patients’ needs while providing an efficient, safe service.

From now on our reception team will have strict guidelines to follow and will use guidance written by our doctors to signpost patients to the appropriate clinician or service. For example, there may be occasions where the guidance will signpost patients to a pharmacy for advice as the most appropriate course of action; or the ailment may not require an on the day appointment and the guidance instructs the reception team to book a routine appointment. Many conditions can be discussed over the telephone too.

To ensure that you are signposted correctly, our reception team will ask for as much information about your ailment as possible. Remember, our reception team act on behalf of our clinicians who have constructed this new service. The more information you give, the better we can care for you.

Furthermore, we are implementing DoctorLink as an opportunity to direct our patients to the best care available to them. Therefore, we are inviting all of our patients  aged 16+ to sign up. We have looked at how we can improve access to our services; Doctorlink is a great step forward for our patients. This new online service will ask about your symptoms and previous conditions, provide advice and if necessary request an appointment from us.

If not, DoctorLink will direct you to the best care available.

*Please Note* Patients under 16 will continue to be redirected to the Children’s service. You can contact the Children’s service direct on 0300 111 0088

Registration is simple! Click on the button or links to begin the registration process, it only takes a few minutes! For all urgent appointments, we will ask that you undertake a symptom assessment through DoctorLink. Once registered, this tool will ask you a number of questions to help to identify your problem. The outcome of your assessment will direct you to the right treatment, whether that be from us or another provider which may include one of the SUCCESS centres. If your outcome indicates that an appointment is required with us, you simply click on the request appointment button when offered. The information you provide will then be shared with our clinicians and we’ll contact you to arrange an appointment as appropriate. We will call you the same day to arrange the appointment, the speed at which we call will be determined by the urgency stated by DoctorLink.

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We are encouraging all patients aged 16+ to register with DoctorLink. Those who cannot use the service because of disability or difficulty with internet access will also be triaged as normal. We feel that using DoctorLink will allow patients to be signposted correctly the first time.

We will continually monitor this new system and make further changes where necessary.

If you have some feedback, we’d love to hear it!